• Founded in 2012 by Pedro Andrade, the São Paulo label Piet is a portrait of the young spirit of a generation.

    The name Piet comes from a childhood nickname of the founder, and reflects the feeling that the brand exists for all those who are young at heart.

    With unique characteristics, Piet is an unusual union of streetwear, sportswear, art and urban subcultures, Pedro's passions that are always portrayed with a subtle sense of humor and sophistication in his pieces.

  • Pedro Andrade's namesake brand, P. Andrade, launched during São Paulo Fashion Week in 2021 to present its inaugural Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The debut collection highlighted sustainable pieces, plant-based tabi clogs, waterproof sneakers and tailoring technique. P. Andrade presents a Japanese avant-garde style combined with looks suitable for rainforest excursions, tinged with sartorial cues and contrasted with technical touches to bring it into the world of the streets. Each piece can be mixed and matched, worn on multiple occasions, or styled to create an impactful look.

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