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  • PIET online store is committed to you when it comes to data security and privacy. Respect for the customer and the confidentiality of their information are very important to us. Therefore, rest assured that your shopping experience at the PIET online store is completely safe and the data provided is encrypted.


    All data entered to the PIET online store during the purchase process is automatically encrypted before being transmitted.

    Credit Card Purchases

    Your credit card details are transmitted directly to the operator. It is important to note that the PIET online store does not store any record of the customer's card data in its files.


    The security of the website www.piet.com.br is certified by CERTISIGN, recognized as one of the greatest authorities on Internet security. This certificate gives you complete peace of mind to provide your details during the purchase process.

    Identification and Password

    With the function of facilitating your next purchase, the registration data from your first visit is stored so that you do not need to enter them again. It is important to highlight that this data is only stored to facilitate future purchases and is not disclosed, sold or made available to third parties, except in strict compliance with court orders. Personal data may be used to prepare statistical information, without identifying the consumer by name. Credit card data and other payment information are not stored, as previously stated in item 2.2 of these terms of use and security.


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  • Fixes

    The information available on the website may occasionally contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions related to product descriptions, prices and availability. Respecting consumer rights and its customer relationship policy, PIET reserves the right to correct any errors and omissions at any time and without prior communication. Consequently, PIET does not guarantee that the information obtained through this website is, at all times, accurate, complete or even updated.


    PIET is not obliged to have, in all its sales channels (stores, catalogs and online sales), all items in its line, so that some products available in PIET catalogs and/or in stores may not be necessarily be available for online purchases and vice versa. The customer must always make sure the product is available for online purchase. PIET may advertise products on this website for illustrative purposes only, not making them available for sale. The prices of the products offered by PIET on this website are expressed in reais and are only valid for purchases within the national territory. The prices of the products offered on this website They do not necessarily bear a relationship and/or equivalence with the prices of identical products, offered in multi-brand stores. The images on this website may vary in color, due to the specific resolutions of each equipment and the hues available in this environment. When presenting products, PIET will always make every effort to ensure their original colors appear. Possible differences, therefore, may occur, without this representing a defect or bad information.


    PIET, when disclosing its partners, does so on an exclusively informative basis. In this sense, it assumes no responsibility for their information and actions and, consequently, for any damage caused by them to users.

    1.5. PIET's responsibility

    PIET will make every effort to offer safe, practical and comfortable navigation on this website. However, PIET is not responsible for any damage caused to the user and/or their equipment, resulting from virus attacks and/or invasions, occurring during use, as it is not responsible for the security of connections.

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  • How to make an exchange?

    To request an exchange, contact us via this link providing your details and order number. After confirming that the order is within the exchange deadline, you will receive a postage code to send the product back to us.

    After the product arrives in our logistics department, it will be checked whether the product is in good condition to accept an exchange/return. If approved, a coupon will be made available for the value of the product so that a new purchase can be made.

    * We do not reserve parts, whether by model, color or size. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the availability of the part to be exchanged in stock. If the desired part is not available when the process is completed, the customer can choose another item or keep the coupon, as it is valid for 6 months.

    * From the second exchange onwards, the consumer bears the shipping cost.

    * If the coupon value is not used entirely, there is no possibility of refunding possible balances.

    How to make a return?

    We only accept refunds requested within 7 days of receiving the product, in accordance with CDC rules.

    To request a return, contact us via this link informing your details, order number and desired refund method. After we confirm that the order is within the exchange deadline, you will receive a postage code to send the product back to us.

    After the product arrives in our logistics department, it will be checked whether the product is in good condition to accept an exchange/return. If approved, the refund will be made using the same payment method used for the purchase.

    How will the amount paid be refunded in the event of a return?

    The refund of purchases made with a credit card will be made exclusively on the same card used for the purchase, and the credit may be identified on up to 2 invoices subsequent to the date the item is returned to us, depending on the closing date. In the case of purchases made by bank slip, the customer must inform an account held by the same owner as the buyer, so that the refund can be made.

    What condition must the product be in to be exchanged or returned?

    The product will be analyzed according to the rules of the Consumer Protection Code, therefore the product must be:

    • Unused.
    • In its original packaging with all stickers, tags and seals affixed.
    • Accompanied by all accessories received.

    We do not exchange products with:

    • Wear
    • Signs of use such as, but not limited to, stains, odors or tears
    • Damage caused by inappropriate use
    • Signs of puncture by sharp or sharp objects
    • Repaired/glued
    • Any alteration that hides the original characteristics of the item

    If this is the case, the consumer must bear the cost of shipping for the product to be returned to them.

    I received a defective product, what should I do ?

    If you receive a defective product, we ask that you contact us through SAC when you receive it, and send photos that allow you to identify the defect, so that we can assist you quickly.