PIET online store is committed to you when it comes to data security and privacy. Respect for the customer and the confidentiality of their information are very important to us. Therefore, rest assured that your shopping experience at the PIET online store is completely safe and the data provided is encrypted.


All data entered to the PIET online store during the purchase process is automatically encrypted before being transmitted.

Credit Card Purchases

Your credit card details are transmitted directly to the operator. It is important to note that the PIET online store does not store any record of the customer's card data in its files.


The security of the website is certified by CERTISIGN, recognized as one of the greatest authorities on Internet security. This certificate gives you complete peace of mind to provide your details during the purchase process.

Identification and Password

With the function of facilitating your next purchase, the registration data from your first visit is stored so that you do not need to enter them again. It is important to highlight that this data is only stored to facilitate future purchases and is not disclosed, sold or made available to third parties, except in strict compliance with court orders. Personal data may be used to prepare statistical information, without identifying the consumer by name. Credit card data and other payment information are not stored, as previously stated in item 2.2 of these terms of use and security.


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