PI3T Digital Collectibles

PI3T.eth digital collectibles were created to speed up access for people in the PIET_org community, and recognize those who arrive with the brand.

Each of these collectibles function as secret keys that give access to the PIET club. Now, when you buy your physical products you will also take some of the brand's items to your online collection.

In some cases, the PI3T.eth digital collectibles can also be used as VIP tickets. They unlock exclusive benefits that only those who have one of these on hand will be able to take advantage of. You will always be aware of all the roles that the brand and its partners promote.

The whole thing is authenticated with a technology called blockchain, so you can be sure that what you have is real and is yours alone.

And there aren't a lot of them out there, no. They are very rare, like those collector cards. The more people want it, the more valuable it becomes over time. It's like having a virtual treasure.